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Edutainment (STEAMCUP)

ROBOTIS STEM / STEAM Edutainment Pipeline for K-12


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What educational robotics kits does ROBOTIS offer?




Software Legend

  • r-.jpg R+ Design:
    Interactive, 3D-animated, assembly manual
  • r-.jpg R+ Task:
    ROBOTIS Proprietary GUI & C++ Based Programming Software
  • r-plus-motion.jpg R+ Motion:
    Powerful tool for creating, visualizing, & downloading motions to your robot
  • r-scratch.jpg R+ Scratch:
    Proprietary Software based on Scratch
  • r-block.jpg R+ Block:
    Proprietary Software based on Blockly
  • mini-app.jpg Mini App:
    Mobile Application used to control the ROBOTIS MINI
  • engineer-app.jpg Engineer App:
    Mobile Application used with the Engineer Kit
  • r-play700.jpg Play 700 App:
    Mobile Application used with the PLAY 700 OLLOBOT Kit
  • r-manager.jpg R+ Manager:
    Manages the Controller & Dynamixel devices, Used to update & reset the firmware.

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Robotis Edutainment 101