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The ROBOTIS GAEMI-1 is an outdoor self-driving robot that autonomously navigates our world to deliver goods and food.

Key robot Applications

Urban living has produced customers who require the fast, efficient, and competitively priced delivery of goods with a wow-factor built in. The ROBOTIS Outdoor Ant robot delivers it all, and more. At an unbeatable value, this fully autonomous robot is packed with features to ensure an on-time delivery every time. Based on advanced Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning), this rugged but sleek outdoor robot recognizes it’s environment, senses obstacles, assesses them, and continues autonomously to its destination.

Meal Delivery

Bring the convenience of online ordering together with the speed and efficiency of robot delivery to make every dining experience great.

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Simplify and speed up courier deliveries to apartments, in shopping malls, and more.


Patrol and surveil defined areas such as parks, and large buildings and facilities.


Safe deliveries in and out of quarantined areas and secure, large-scale facilities.