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  • BT-210 Set

    BT-210 Set

    [902-0122-000] BT-210 Set    ? Features The BT-210 is a product that uses Bluetooth communication to enable serial communication(UART). The BT-210 covers the circuit with a case to protect it, and it uses a connector-type...

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  • U2D2


    Note: If U2D2 is unable to be detected by your computer, please download the FTDI Drivers for your system at the following page:

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  • BT-410


    [902-0110-000] BT-410   Customers can NOT use the BT-410 to connect to the PC.Please use the BT-210 to connect your robot with a PC.  Update: The BT-410 can connect to the PC with the BT-410 Dongle, or the USB Downloader LN-101.   BT-410...

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  • USB Downloader LN-101_INT

    USB Downloader LN-101_INT

    This is the same product as 902-0041-000 USB Downloader LN-101. The SKU# and name have been changed.  USB Downloader LN-101 The LN-101(USB Downloader) is used to download programs from the PC onto the CM-100. The LN-101 is also used to connect the...

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  • SALE
    ZIG2Serial ZIG2Serial


    **This product has been discontinued. This product will no longer be available once the current stock has been depleted.**   The ZIG2Serial is a wireless device that communicates with the ZIG-100 or BT110 via RS232 signals. When using the PC to...

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  • ZIG-100 Set

    ZIG-100 Set

    The ZIG-100 is a small PAN (personal area network) module embedded with a MCU and Zigbee IC, which uses the 2.4GHz frequency bandwidth to communicate to the UART. The ZIG-100 is sold as a set of two with the default IDs pre-set. Please note pins have...

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  • IR Receiver IR-10

    IR Receiver IR-10

      IR Receiver OIR-10       ? DESCRIPTION   - This receiver is intended for the remote controller, RC-100.   - This receiver is included in the basic RC-100 set, but is being sold separately in case...

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