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XL430 Price Change & X-Series Accessories

XL430 Price Change & X-Series Accessories

2nd Dec 2020

DYNAMIXEL XL430-W250-T Price Reduction

Effective starting January 2021, the DYNAMIXEL XL430-W250-T will change it's MSRP from $49.90 to $44.90. This puts the XL430-W250-T at the same price point as the signature AX-12A servo, which lowers the barrier of entry for users to experience DYNAMIXEL smart servos.

The XL430-W250-T provides numerous upgrades, not only with design, featuring a slimmer body with direct-to-case mounting (no nuts required), and improved cable routing; but also with function, featuring various operating voltages, a contactless absolute encoder, multiple operating modes, and a wide range of real-time feedback.

Comparison Chart

AX-12A/ AX-18A
Dimension: 32 x 50 X 40
Weight: 54.6
Dimension: 28.5 x 46.5 x 34
Weight: 57.2g
Operating Voltage: 12V
Stall Torque: 1.5 N.m
No Load Speed: 59 RPM
Operating Voltage: 6~12V
Stall Torque: 1.4 N.m
No Load Speed: 57 RPM
Position Sensor:
Feedback: Position, Temperature, Load, Input Voltage

Feedback: Position, Velocity, Load, Realtime tick, Trajectory, Temperature, Input Voltage

XW540 & X-Series Accessories Are Now Available for Pre-Order

Included below are the cables, hinge frames, side frames, horns, and idlers for the waterproof IP68 rated DYNAMIXEL XW540 servos.

Note 1: The Gear/Bearing Sets are for XM540 and XH540 servos (not for XW540)

Note 2: The FR11-H101K Set is a new frame set specifically for the XL430-W250-T and XC430 servos, including the 2XL and 2XC servos. This hinge frame set now includes the proper idler set for the XL430 and XC430 servos.

SKU Number Model Number USD
903-0285-000 X540-270 Gear/Bearing Set $109.90
903-0286-000 X540-150 Gear/Bearing Set $109.90
903-0281-000 Robot Cable - WP 1000mm (Basic Cable) $19.90
903-0282-000 Robot Cable - WP 1000mm (Extended Cable) $31.90
903-0280-000 HN13-N105 Set $47.90
903-0279-000 HN13-I105 Set $64.90
903-0287-100 FR13-H105K Set $99.90
903-0288-100 FR13-S105K Set $49.90
903-0289-100 FR13-S106K Set $59.90
903-0290-100 FR11-H101K Set $22.90