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Posted by ROBOTIS INC on 2nd Mar 2021


The DYNAMIXEL XL330 series is a compact and lightweight all-in-one micro-servo, which is a very useful solution when building a mini or micro application or operating DYNAMIXELs in a tight space.

Unlike previous entry level models, the voltage range is 3.7V ~ 6V and comes with various operating modes, including Current Based Position Control and Current Control.

You can expect a lot more reliable and robust hardware & control with plenty of product highlights, while keeping the cost down.

The XL330 is MSRP $19.90, and there are two models - XL330-M077-T and XL330-M288-T.

XL-320 VS XL330

DYNAMIXEL Shield for Arduino MKR Series (MSRP $14.90)

We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with Arduino, and together we have developed a DYNAMIXEL Shield for Arduino MKR Series.

DYNAMIXEL Shield is the perfect companion shield for any Arduino MKR board, and gives the ability to drive the DYNAMIXEL servos and create stunning robot projects.

Key Features

- Compatible with Arduino MKR and Portenta H7 Boards
- Compatible with ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL TTL Series (Discontinued DYNAMIXEL may not be supported)
- For 12V DYNAMIXEL power supply, ROBOTIS SMPS 12V 5A PS-10 is recommended
- The included battery connector is compatible with ROBOTIS 3S Li-Po 11.1V batteries LB-010 or LB-020
- Only one JST DYNAMIXEL connector is assembled by default. Please solder included headers when necessary.
- JST DYNAMIXEL connector supports controlling individual servos and daisy-chains.

For detailed information, please refer to the e-Manual as follows :

How to Use

**In order to use the AX or MX series TTL cable, you will need to solder the included Molex connector to an empty DYNAMIXEL Port, or use the Robot Cable-X3P convertible cable**

**Both the XL330 and DYNAMIXEL Shield for Arduino MKR Series are not available for reseller discounts. The XL330 will only be sold by ROBOTIS Co., LTD. and it's branch offices. The DYNAMIXEL Shield for Arduino MKR Series will be sold by Arduino, ROBOTIS Co., LTD. and it's branch offices.**