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STEM Series

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The ROBOTIS STEM series consists of educational robotics kits geared for introductory high-school robotics. Each kit provides a comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning experience that includes hardware, software, and a curriculum guide.

  • Modular, reconfigurable hardware allows you to build up to (16) example robots.
  • RoboPlus software allows you to easily program your robots and interface with major hardware components.
  • Each kit comes with (2) workbooks that are fully-illustrated in color. Level 1 is divided into (7) chapters while Level 2 is divided into (9) chapters. Each chapter is further divided into (3) sections to cover the following lesson plans:
    • Basic Phase: Students learn the scientific and technological principles behind the robot they are about to build. At the end of this chapter, there is a detailed assembly manual.
    • Application Phase: Students learn the principles of robot programming and the mathematics of programming.
    • Practical Phase: Students apply their knowledge to creatively solve advanced problems and configure their robots for competitions.


Product Comparison Chart


ROBOTIS STEM Level 1 (Standard)


ROBOTIS STEM Level 2 (Expansion)*


Main Controller (1) CM-530 Included in Level 1
DYNAMIXEL (2) AX-12W (4) AX-12A

(3) IR Sensors

(1) IR Sensor Array

Included in Level 1
Connector Pieces/Connector System

OLLO-compatible Plates/Rivets


OLLO-compatible Plates/Rivets


Remote Controller --  RC-100B and IR Receiver
Power (6) AA Batteries or (1) 11.1V LiPo Battery** Included in Level 1

(2) STEM Level 1 Workbooks covering (7) Example Robots

(2) STEM Level 2 Workbooks covering (9) Example Robots
Programming Software

RoboPlus (windows-icon2.jpg ONLY)

RoboPlus (windows-icon2.jpg ONLY) and

R+ Motion 2.0 (windows-icon2.jpg,apple-icon-2.png)***

*You MUST purchase ROBOTIS STEM LEVEL 1 in order to use ROBOTIS STEM Level 2 as major components of Level 1 are used in Level 2.

**The ROBOTIS STEM Level 1 Kit comes with (6) Battery Boxes for (6) AA Batteries. The AA Batteries must be purchased separately. The 11.1V LiPo Battery must also be purchased separately, if you prefer this option. 

***Some examples in the ROBOTIS STEM Level 2 utilize the motion editing tool, RoboPlus Motion. The older version of this tool is included in the RoboPlus suite while the newer version, R+ Motion 2.0, must be downloaded separately.   

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