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**DYNAMIXEL Pro Plus has undergone a overhaul in the naming scheme, and will now be called DYNAMIXEL-P. The formerly known H Series will now be PH Series, and the formerly known M Series will now be PM Series. There will also be changes to each of the DYNAMIXEL Pro Plus model names. For example, they will now have the form PH54 instead of H54P.** 

Name SKU No. Before After
Model Name
902-0079-001 H54P-200-S500-R PH54-200-S500-R
902-0078-001 H54P-100-S500-R PH54-100-S500-R
902-0081-001 H42P-020-S300-R PH42-020-S300-R
902-0088-001 M54P-060-S250-R PM54-060-S250-R
902-0089-001 M54P-040-S250-R PM54-040-S250-R
902-0091-001 M42P-010-S260-R PM42-010-S260-R




High Power, High Precision
Full Modular Solution
Sophisticated Control Algorithms
Novel Gear Reduction System





▪ 1,000 pulse incremental encoder before gear reduction

▪ 4,096 step absolute encoder after gear reduction

▪ Electrical current sensing based control

▪ Internal temperature sensing▪ Position-based command

▪ Torque-based command

▪ Speed-based command

▪ Cycloid type detachable reduction gear

   (Straight, Right Angle, Belt)

▪ Various communication physical layer

   * Supports RS-485

   * CAN, TTL, EtherCAT [Coming Soon]

▪ Various optional frame






Control Environment

Provides various control environment just like DYNAMIXEL.

DYNAMIXEL SDK for Windows / Linux
Github : Click here
Moment of Inertia : Click here