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[902-0103-000] CM-150



■ Description


-  The CM-150 controller is used with ROBOTIS DREAM, and various DREAM parts

  (geared motor, servo motor, touch sensor, LED module, IR sensor, etc.) can be connected to it.


- RoboPlus Manager (Version or higher) can be used for firmware recovery.


-  RoboPlus Task (Version or higher) can be used to write task code that is downloaded onto the CM-150.


- A mini USB cable or an LN-101 can be used to connect the CM-150 with a PC to download programs.


- The m.Task app for mobile devices can be used to download programs using a wireless module.


- The BT-210 / BT-110A / ZIG-110A wireless modules can be connected to the CM-150 for wireless downloading.


- The CM-150 controller does NOT support RoboPlus Motion.



■ Warning


- The CM-150 can NOT replace the CM-100A controller used with OLLO products.


- Embedded programs are not provided, and software other than RoboPlus can NOT be used.



■ Basic Components




CM-150 Controller


 * Download cable NOT included.



 Hardware Specifications





ARM Cortex STM32F103C8

Operation Voltage

3.2V ~ 4.2V

Recommended : 3.7V (Li-ion battery x 1)

Consuming Voltage

Standby Status 50mA

Executing Status : 70mA

Max Limit : 300mA

Operating Temperature


Internal I/O Device

IR Sensor (For distance detection) x 3

MIC (For sound detection) x 1

Buzzer x 1

External I/O Device

4-pin communication port

(for wireless control and download) x 1

Micro USB port (for PC connection) x 1

Motor connection port (for geared motor) x 2

Multipurpose port (for sensors and output) x 2




■ Hyperlinks


Controller Compatibility Chart : Click Here


DXL SDK 3.0 for Windows/Linux (Github): Click Here


Link to e-Manual : Click Here