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ROBOTIS Holiday Promos

ROBOTIS Holiday Promos

14th Dec 2020

All Holiday Promotional Deals can be found HERE.

New Product Release - OLLO J & K Sets

The all new OLLO J1-J12 Set and OLLO K1-K12 Sets are now in stock and available for purchase. There is a limited time, 20% discount offer for one of each kit per customer. Simply add the product to your cart to receive the discount.

OLLO J1-J12 Set - $199.95 - Learn how to assemble robots with our patented 12mm plate and rivet system, and provide movement with our included motorized controller. Twelve PDF downloadable workbooks are available with 48 different assembly examples.

OLLO K1-K12 Set - $249.95 - Learn the basics of robotics with a motorized controller with embedded sensors included. The Remote Controller and Bluetooth Module allows for remote and mobile control of the robot, perfect for group activities. The R+ Block software teaches students the basics of coding using a block-based coding program.


The DREAM II series is the perfect gift for younger elementary school level roboticists. The DREAM II School Set promo is great for entry level students who have no experience with robotics, and the DREAM II Complete Set is for students seeking to gain more experience with robotics and conquer the DREAM II series.

DREAM II School Set Promo - Buy a DREAM II School Set, and receive the Level 2 and Level 3 workbooks for 50% off ($30 savings)

DREAM II Complete Set - Purchase DREAM II Levels 1-5 together, and receive 25% OFF the complete set ($137.44 savings)

Spare Parts Packs

All Spare Parts Packs will be on sale for 25% OFF, each Spare Parts Pack only $75! These packs are best suited for classroom use, or to add extra mobility and complexity to your robot builds! You can also simply have spare parts in case parts are broken or lost.

** 1) All promotions are while supplies last. 2) OLLO and DREAM II Discounts will be applied after product is placed in the cart. 3) OLLO and DREAM II Promos are limit one product per order.