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17th Nov 2020

OLLO Highlights!

OLLO J1-J12 Kit is an entry level robot kit for Pre-K students, who are interested in learning the basics of robot building and principles. Equipped with a 5-way output motorized controller, students can see their creations come to life by building 48 included robot examples with accompanying lessons.

OLLO K1-K12 Kit is an entry level robot kit for Kindergarten and up. The OLLO K series takes the robot building up a notch by utilizing a motorized controller with embedded sensors, remote controller, and added Bluetooth support for use with a PC or smart device. Get started with coding with the OLLO K, which uses R+Block, a block-based coding program to teach the basics principles of programming.

1. Enough Parts to Last a Lifetime!✔️
Assembly instructions for 96 robot configurations. Plenty of parts for your own creative creations!

2. Downloadable PDF Workbook ✔️
OLLO J & K Series comes with 6 PDF workbooks each.

3. Various Tutorial Videos ✔️
Stay tuned for more videos on our YouTube Channel!

4. Product Compatibility & Expansion ✔️
OLLO J & K Series 12mm Rivets are compatible with PLAY Series (600 & 700)!

5. Patented Plate & Rivet System ✔️
With these plates & rivets, students are able to assemble different types of robots from Wheel Based robots to Joint Based robots!

6. R+Block Coding Available! ✔️
A Drag-and-Drop Block Based Coding Application!
(OLLO K Kits only)

Available for Pre-order now! Get 20% OFF of the first 50 units sold for each kit!!

Limit 1 of each kit per order with promotional pricing. While supplies last.