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DYNAMIXEL XL-320 Product Modification

DYNAMIXEL XL-320 Product Modification

Posted by ROBOTIS INC. on 2nd Dec 2021

Dear Valued Partners & Customers,

Please take into consideration that there will be a modification to our DYNAMIXEL XL-320 servos, which is expected to take effect around February, 2022. 

  • Product Affected: DYNAMIXEL XL-320 (SKU#: 902-0087-000)
  • Description of Change: The internal motor will be replaced with a different motor of the same specifications. Due to the change in motors, the positioning of the microcontroller unit will shift as in the image above.
  • Reason for Change: Production of the existing motor has been discontinued. 
  • User Impact: This new design will not affect performance in any way, as the specifications will remain identical to the previous XL-320 motor. There are no other changes besides the physical placement of the MCU.
  • Effective Date: This change is expected to take effect in February, 2022 once our current stock has been depleted. 

For more detailed specifications on our XL-320 servo, please visit our e-Manual page or contact us:

Additional Features: 

- XL-320 has high performance and precise control features compared to its compact size.

- Uses TTL communication with daisy chain features to help build small robots easily.

- High reliability and accuracy for position control with PID control.

- Built-in clutch for reduction gear protection to improve durability and safety.

- Three color LEDs can be programmed by users for fancier display when using the motor.