The Actuator Solution for Full Scale Robots


High Power, High Precision
Full Modular Solution
Sophisticated Control Algorithms
Novel Gear Reduction System




▪ 1,000 pulse incremental encoder before gear reduction

▪ 4,096 step absolute encoder after gear reduction

▪ Electrical current sensing based control

▪ Internal temperature sensing▪ Position-based command

▪ Torque-based command

▪ Speed-based command

▪ Cycloid type detachable reduction gear

   (Straight, Right Angle, Belt)

▪ Various communication physical layer

   * Supports RS-485

   * CAN, TTL, EtherCAT [Coming Soon]

▪ Various optional frame






Control Environment

Provides various control environment just like DYNAMIXEL.

DYNAMIXEL SDK for Windows / Linux
Github : Click here
Moment of Inertia : Click here