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This page is your guide to all technical resources outside of the ROBOTIS e-Manual.


ROBOTIS Download Center ( Visit here for all downloadable resources from ROBOTIS including mechanical drawings, CAD files, copies of ROBOTIS free software and more.


ROBOTIS Official GitHub ( The ROBOTIS GitHub contains open source programming resources including source code, records of previously-solved inquiries, and a live Issue Tracker. 


ROBOTIS Q&A Forum ( Our Q&A Forum provides a place where users can discuss questions, issues, or challenges encountered working with ROBOTIS products. ROBOTIS engineers and experienced users of ROBOTIS products all gather here for discussion.


DYNAMIXEL Hardware Compatibility ( Use the Hardware Compatibility Guide to identify the ROBOTIS frames, horns, or idler hardware compatible with your model of DYNAMIXEL.


DYNAMIXEL Selection Guide ( The Dynamixel Selection Guide includes the technical specifications of all DYNAMIXEL actuators in a comprehensive chart format for comparison. For detailed information about each model of DYNAMIXEL, visit the model page in the ROBOTIS e-Manual.


ROBOTIS YouTube Channels:

-ROBOTIS America ( Product releases, videos for K-12 Edutainment, and promotional videos.


-ROBOTIS CS ( Instructional videos, technical reference videos, and other video resources.






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