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The following solutions show the correlation between a robotics kit and its affiliated grade level. For questions and classroom pricing, please email us at: america@robotis.com



Beginner Solution

Intermediate Solution

Advanced Solution

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*Caution: Macs and iOS devices are not compatible with most RoboPlus software.

Please check the program’s specs to see if it is compatible with your desired device before purchase.


Beginner Solution:

Purpose: Develops robot fundamentals by progressing through 48 example robots that explain mechanical design and programming concepts that have real-world applications.

Educator Notes: DREAM kit series provides a curriculum which introduces and progresses from 48 example robots. With each level, the difficulty increases while introducing new robot mechanics relating to real-world scenarios. In each chapter of the workbooks, educators are provided with suggestions on how to introduce each topic, assemble robots relating to each topic, and activities which challenge the student’s understanding of the concept that the topic covers.

Grade Level: 2-6

Curriculum: 4 Workbooks (48 example robots; 48 chapters/lessons)

Software: R+ TASK & R+ Design


Intermediate Solution:

Purpose: Cultivate interest and skills related to STEM fields by instructing key engineering concepts related to robotics.

Educator Notes: The STEM kits introduce DYNAMIXEL actuators which are used with industrial applications worldwide. With these kits educators are provided proper utensils to instruct their students with real-world engineering concepts with components that professionals use. This kit utilizes a 3D choreograph tool called R+ Motion which allows students to learn some basic animation techniques for their robot's movements.

Grade Level: 6-9

Curriculum: 4 Workbooks (16 example robots; 48 chapters/lessons)

Software: R+ TASK, R+ Motion, & R+ Design


Advanced Solution:

Purpose: Provides advanced resources for educators to encourage developing minds to create innovative solutions for several applications.

Educator Notes: ROBOTIS PREMIUM provides more DYNAMIXEL actuators than any of the other ROBOTIS kits. Educators are able to introduce advanced robot theories: center of gravity, kinematics, telecommunications, and much more. 

Grade Level: 9-College

Curriculum: Online. Please visit here.

Software: R+ TASK, R+ Motion, & R+ Design

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