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PLAY700 Software

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The ROBOTIS PLAY 700 is an educational toy kit that can provide your child a fun and easy introduction to STEAM education! 

With the ROBOTIS PLAY700 kit, you can connect, play, and program your robotic creations using Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS


The ROBOTIS PLAY 700 is compatible with the following software based on your operating system:
Operating System Compatible Software (Download) Accessories Tutorials
Android R+ PLAY 700, R+ m.Task2, R+ m.Design N/A

PLAY 700 Tutorials Here

R+ TASK 2.0 Tutorials Here

iOS R+ PLAY 700, R+ m.Task2, R+ m.Design N/A

PLAY 700 Tutorials Here

R+ TASK 2.0 Tutorials Here


R+ Scratch, R+ Manager 2.0, R+ Task 2.0, R+ Design


Scratch 2 Offline Editor: Must be installed before using with R+ SCRATCH.

Windows PCs without Blutooth 4.0 (BLE) require one of the following to connect to PLAY 700:

BT-210: A Bluetooth module to connect robots with a PC Bluetooth adapter.

BT-410 DongleA USB Bluetooth dongle which allows wireless connection between PC and the BT-410 module included with PLAY700.

LN-101Connects robots through a wired connection to a USB port of the PC.



R+ TASK 2.0 Tutorials Here

PLAY 700 R+ SCRATCH Tutorials Here


macOS R+ Task 2.0  N/A

R+ TASK 2.0 Tutorials Here



R+ PLAY700

The R+ PLAY 700 app allows users to easily connect and play with their creations.

(Please see product manual for more information about how to use the app.)

R+PLAY700 app allows users to connect their devices with their robot via Bluetooth with the included BT-410 module.  


R+ m.TASK 2.0 (Mobile App)

A powerful, user-friendly programming app which requires little coding experience. Create and download programs to your robot!

This software is best used with the R+PLAY700 app to provide a seamless transition between programming and controlling your robotic creations.



R+ TASK 2.0 (PC)

R+ Task 2.0 is a full-featured, user-friendly programming software which requires minimal coding experience.

Task 2.0 can be used to create programs to download to your PLAY700 robot from a computer.



R+ Scratch connects robots to PC so that they can be programmed using the Scratch2 educational programming language.

Examples come pre-installed with R+ Scratch to provide ideas for other projects.





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