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For first-time users of ROBOTIS products, please select your software category based on the ROBOTIS kit or products you are planning to use. For experienced users, please refer to the Controller Compatibility Chart to confirm software compatibility. 

DYNAMIXEL Management DYNAMIXEL management software is used to connect, configure, and test your DYNAMIXEL smart actuators, or for updates and recovery. Software in this category requires a USB interface (U2D2) or ROBOTIS Controller to connect to DYNAMIXEL.
RoboPlus (R+) Educational Software & Apps The RoboPlus (aka R+) software page contains all recommended softwares for use with ROBOTIS' educational kits including PLAY, DREAM II, ROBOTIS MINI, ROBOTIS STEM, ROBOTIS PREMIUM, ROBOTIS ENGINEER, and more!
ROBOTIS provides an easy-to-use, educational environment to program your robot kits, create motions for your robots, or make new designs with our free R+ software.
This page also contains a convenient software compatibility guide to pick the best software for your kit.
DYNAMIXEL Programming & SDK ROBOTIS offers a wide variety of open-source programming resources available for DYNAMIXELs, including libraries, source code, and software development kit. Visit this page for links to the DYNAMIXEL Software Development Kit (SDK), the ROBOTIS Official GitHub, Arduino resources, and more. 
  • Edbot Software Product Key - DREAM

    Edbot Software Product Key - DREAM

    **DREAM II School Set Sold Separately**   Edbot Dream helps kids develop coding skills, while having fun building robots and playing with them. You can build 20+ different robots from the same kit, and code each of them using...

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  • Edbot Software Product Key - ROBOTIS MINI

    Edbot Software Product Key - ROBOTIS MINI

    **ROBOTIS MINI Sold Separately**    Edbot Software For people and lessons who want to program the Robotis Mini using another language other than R+ Task. Currently, the Edbot Software can be programmed in Scratch 2.0, Python 3.X, and...

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