RoboPlus 2.0



Management Program of all ROBOTIS Software to install/delete and update.

2.0.0 Windows (exe)


(Integrated Program of R+TASK 2.0, R+MOTION 2.0, R+MANAGER 2.0, R+SCRATCH, and R+DESIGN.)  

R+TASK 2.0 

Program to create and edit robot task code using a graphic user interface (GUI).        

2.0.43 Windows (exe)

2.3.0 MAC OS X (dmg)  

ROBOTIS E-Manual  


Robot Motion Editor to create and edit motion using a 3D Graphic.                                   

2.3.1 Windows (exe)       

2.4.12 MAC OS X (dmg)

ROBOTIS E-Manual  


Management Program (Change Settings, Firmware Recovery / Management) of ROBOTIS Products. 2.0.1 Windows (exe)          
ROBOTIS E-Manual  

** Combines the features of RoboPlus Manager and DYNAMIXEL Wizard, allowing you to configure and manage educational kit components(DREAM, SMART, IoT, and ROBOTIS MINI), controllers (CM-150, OpenCM7.0, OpenCm9.04), and DYNAMIXEL 2.0 (DYNAMIXEL X-Series and DYNAMIXEL PRO).


SCRATCH 2 Offline Editor and Helper Program for ROBOTIS H/W Connection & Programming 1.0.1 Windows (exe)       
ROBOTIS E-Manual  


 3D-Interactive Assembly Application + CAD Showcase Tool for Customization.            2.0. Windows (exe)      
ROBOTIS E-Manual  

RoboPlus 1.0

All in One Download Software for ROBOTIS Products requiring a 1.0 Connection. RoboPlus 1.0 is based on a Graphic User Interface (GUI).

Version 1.0 of R+TASK, R+MOTION, R+MANAGER, DYNAMIXEL WIZARD - Integrated Install/Uninstall and Update) Windows (exe) Windows Vista/7/8/10 (exe) - Patch (exe)

ROBOTIS E-Manual  


Development Environment of OpenCm-IDE                                                                             

Windows 32Bit/64Bit (zip)

MAC OS X (zip) 

Linux 64Bit (TGZ) 

Linux 32Bit (TGZ) 

ROBOTIS E-Manual  




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