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Customer Review Posting Guidelines


2017 Review Event - "PLAY" with YOUR CREATIVITY


General Information: Thank you for you purchasing one of our ROBOTIS PLAY Kits. Write an honest review on the retailer’s website where you purchased your PLAY Kit! We want to know what you think about our PLAY Kits!


To be eligible for the PLAY promotion, you must have purchased a kit from either us or any of our retail partners.


 Please fill out this FORM PRIOR to posting your review online. 


Please post a review on the retailer’s website where you purchased the product. If you purchased a product from a website different than the one you’re on, you must post the review on that specific website.


Options to Participate


  1. Post a honest & detailed review on the retailer’s website!

  2. Post a Video Review (2-4 min. in length) to Youtube!


Posting Guidelines


  • We welcome your honest opinion about our product and hope to hear your sincere feedback about our product.

  • Reviews must be between 35 words to 500 words in length.

  • Reviews may not contain obscenities, profanity, other people’s personal information, and offensive content.

  • Reviews may not defame, abuse, harass, or violate the legal rights of others.

  • Reviews may not contain personal details of other people such as names, phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Review must comply with retailer’s guidelines and be posted on the website in order to be eligible for Promotion.

  • Video Review Suggestions & Guidelines: Please provide a brief introduction prior to the product review(i.e where you bought the product.) Video Review must show product and product box. Video review can include footage of children playing with the product and creating figures. Please include tag @RobotisAmerica to qualify for promotion!


Awesome reviews will


  • Explain the reason “WHY” you loved the product or WHY you don’t ever want to use this product again.

  • Narrow it down! Your review should only include your experience with the product and not what someone else may or may not have experienced.

  • Be just the right length ~ Written reviews should be at least 25 words but definitely less than 5,000 words ! The ideal length for a review is 75 - 500 words.

  • Be honest. We really want to hear the truth about our products. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE REVIEWS BOTH help us to improve our product so if you had a great experience, help us spread the word! If you had a bad experience, please let us know so that we can fix it and YOU can help us ensure no one else has a bad experience !


If your review does not comply with these guidelines, you will not be eligible for the promotion with the PLAY Kits.




Review Promotion is only valid until Dec. 31 2017.

Review Promotion is valid to customers only in the US.


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