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What can you do with OLLOBOT?

Option 1

Sample Android App Source with a Basic Structure for Communicating with OLLOBOT


Communication Protocol 2.0: http://support.robotis.com/en/product/actuator/dynamixel_pro/communication.htm

Option 2 IFTTT IF App (Download) + OLLOBOT Sample App (Download)
Option 3 Semio Documentation + OLLOBOT Sample App (Link


What can you do if your mobile phone has mobility? Literally!

ROBOTIS would like to present OLLOBOT, an IoT-enabled robot that can interact with you and your other IoT-enabled devices.


Your phone is one of the most powerful computing devices, with sophisticated sensors that continuously gather information to simplify your life, entertain you, and keep you connected. But, this mighty IoT device has one critical function missing - mobility!

Enter, the OLLOBOT, a smart, mobile, IoT companion that assists, monitors, and works with you and your other smart devices. With this robotic dock, your phone is now truly mobile, and can fulfill all of its functions in the form of a personal robot.  

Technical Specifications


Developer Resources


1. Sample Android App Source (an Android-Based Project)

Create your own app utilizing the Sample Android App Source. OLLOBOT communicates with your smartphone using the same communication protocol utilized by ROBOTIS' Dynamixel actuators (http://support.robotis.com/en/product/actuator/dynamixel_pro/communication.htm). 


OLLOBOT Control Table



2. IFTTT IF App + OLLOBOT Sample App 

connect-ollobot2.jpg create-trigger.jpg command-ollobot.jpg



How to Trigger using the OLLOBOT Sample App

1. Get your key from the 'Maker' channel 2. Copy the key to the OLLOBOT Sample App 3. Create a recipe 4. Send test value 5. Receive notification
ollobot-sample-app.png ollobot-sample-app-2-1-.png ollobot-sample-app-3.png ollobot-sample-app-4-1-.png ollobot-sample-app-5.png ollobot-sample-app-6.png



IFTTT Action Command Table



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