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**ROBOTIS MINI Sold Separately**


 Edbot Software

For people and lessons who want to program the Robotis Mini using another language other than R+ Task.

Currently, the Edbot Software can be programmed in Scratch 2.0, Python 3.X, and JavaScript through the available APIs by Edbot.

This program is compatible with R+ Motion 2.0, meaning you can execute motions, or pre-encoded actions, from the available languages.




General Set Up, visit the Edbot Support Page.


If you use Scratch, go to App -> Plugins -> Apply.


When you run the Javascript, you must run it from this link: http://localhost:8080/coding/javascript.
The link essentially opens your .../Documents/Edbot/Javascript folder in http protocol since file protocol will not work.
The reasons are explained in the JavaScript API from Edbot: http://support.robotsinschools.com/jsapi.html
For any additional technical questions or content, please go to https://robotsinschools.com/.




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Based on the the best-selling Robotis Mini, Edbot speaks the most popular programming languages taught in schools. Edbot is proud to be a finalist for the BETT Awards 2017 as ICT Innovator of the Year.


Whether you use block languages like Scratch or text-based languages such as Python, Edbot brings computational thinking to life, and enlivens any classroom or code club.


You can make Edbot perform pre-coded movements, or design your own. With languages like Python and Javascript, your Edbot can access online libraries, incorporate external data into programs, and interact with other users.


Distance Sensor




Edbot is shared by multiple students

Edbot’s software runs over your network. This means that unlike many other robots, a single Edbot can be shared by multiple students. The connection to Edbot is made over Bluetooth, and because the control software is networked, only one Bluetooth-equipped PC is required per class. The teacher selects which PC is assigned control of the Edbot. Students take it in turns to run their code.

Edbot Plays Football in School



How many do we need?

We are often asked how many Edbots are required for a class. It is possible to use one Edbot for classes up to 30 students. The videos above were shot in a class of 25. With more Edbots, students don’t have to wait as long for their turn and you can play games such as football, but one device is still adequate.

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